On Tuesday Apple released the latest iPhone, mobile payments and, of course, the Apple Watch. We delve into everything you need to know about Apple’s latest products with Nick Bilton, the technology columnist, reporter and the lead writer for the Bits blog on NYTimes.com

The legal battle over a patent on podcasting continues as Personal Audio LLC say they own the rights to episodic content on the internet. Critics are calling them patent trolls as they’ve already sued Apple, SiriusXM, and settled with comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla. Their next target is CBS. Joe Mullin, Tech Policy Editor for tech news website Ars Technica, explains how this got so far and what it could mean for other companies.

Our week in review starts with a look at Techweek by WBEZ’s Yun Tai. We also look at how two Supreme Court rulings will effect tech and how Great Britain is adapting to the Google Glass with Ars Technica reporter Jacqui Cheng and social entrepreneur Emile Cambry.

Earlier this month Chicago Public Library announced a new partnership with Hoopla Digital. It connects patrons with free online and mobile access to movies, TV shows, music and, of course, eBooks. Hoopla’s been described as a Netflix-like service with a big exception: it’s free. Hoopla founder and owner, Jeff Jankowski and Chicago Public Library Commissioner, Brian Bannon, join us to talk about what the partnership will mean for the library.